The Roundup: No Manner Out film assessment (2023)

In “The Roundup,” Ma Seok-do, Lee’s barrel-chested renegade cop, pummels his approach by way of one other pack of vicious baddies. A brand new sequel, “The Roundup: No Manner Out,” delivers extra episodic thrills, although, as in “The Roundup,” any scene with out Lee appears like a waste of time. Each “The Roundup” motion pictures are fairly generic, past an ample serving of slapstick-y violence, whereas “The Outlaws” contains a compelling villain and a well-used ensemble forged. “The Roundup: No Manner Out” doesn’t enhance on the marginally refined system of “The Roundup,” however it goes down a bit of smoother and is notably slicker.

Solely Lee, a scene-stealing character actor, might make you wish to root for a loutish character like Ma. Ma seems villains by snapping their wrists, launching them throughout the room (usually actually), or body-slamming them into doorways, desks, home windows, and what have you ever. He doesn’t waste time explaining himself, to not his friends, eyewitnesses, informants, or suspects that he shakes down. Ma winces and sighs simply as a result of solely he’s sturdy sufficient to punch by way of all that pesky police procedural crimson tape. In “The Roundup: No Manner Out,” the Japanese yakuza ship a cruel hitman, Ricky (Munetaka Aoki), to gather a stolen cargo of Hiper, an addictive new membership drug, from the White Shark Clan, their thieving Korean companions.

Quickly, Ma discovers the true purpose why no person else has stopped the sale of Hiper in Cheongdam: the White Shark Clan has not solely been shielded, however actively helped by corrupt cop Joo Tune-chul (Lee Jun-hyuk), who beats a fellow officer to dying with a crowbar in his first scene, and is just recognized as a policeman about half-hour later. That kind of asked-and-answered twist speaks to the effects-driven nature of those motion pictures, which rely on easy summer time film pleasures, like bodily comedy routines and/or one-sided fist fights that make Don Lee appear to be a beefy distant cousin of each Joe Don Baker and One Punch Man.

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