Sympathy for the Satan film evaluation (2023)

We be taught proper off the bat that Kinnaman’s character, unnamed at this level—he’ll get two names later, however relations name him David—is about to be a father. He’s driving to a hospital to be together with his spouse after he’s dropped off his lovable tow-headed little fella. In a parking storage, although, is a man with deep scarlet hair, a demonic goatee, and a revolver—that’s Cage (did you guess?), whose character can be unnamed. (He performs “The Passenger,” you see, and this lack-of-nomenclature gambit can work if the film is sweet sufficient—see Walter Hill’s “The Driver”—however feels pretentious when the film is, nicely, this.)

The issue we have now proper from the get-go is that neither of those personages offers the viewer a lot to care about. Positive, Kinnaman’s about to be a dad for the second time, however we all know loads of unhealthy and detached of us who’re fathers. As for Cage’s character, he’s not a personality in any respect. He’s a Nic Cage temper ring designed to permit Nic Cage to do all types of wacky Nic Cage stuff. He sweats. He bugs out his eyes. He grins maniacally. He yells. He shrieks. He places Alicia Bridges’ “I Love the Nightlife” on the jukebox at a diner he’s about to shoot up and dances to the music whereas bellowing the lyrics. At this level within the film, about 52 minutes in, I figured I ought to be incomes fight pay for persevering with to look at.

Is there a plot? Effectively, sure. Cage’s character insists he is aware of David from way back. Given the actions he describes—prison bookkeeping, madness, homicide, plenty of shady underworld figures—it appears like that “way back” was perhaps the 1995 Sundance Movie Competition, the place plenty of would-be Tarantino clones have been thriving.

When the narrative isn’t tiring us, Cage talks about what his revolver will do to Kinnaman if and when he shoots him within the face or the again of the top. Does the verbal description of getting shot within the head or face make the possible capturing sufferer extra fearful than the mere presence of a gun pointed at these areas? So this film believes. Though this can be extra a matter of filling up time, giving Cage “provocative” issues to say on this pointless train. Perhaps throughout one in all his drafts, screenwriter Paradise discovered he was leaning on the machine fairly laborious as a result of there’s a line late within the movie the place the character refers back to the behavior. Cage additionally says issues like, “The reality isn’t plain and by no means easy,” and he reveals quite a lot of nerve when he upbraids Kinnaman’s character for his “cliched” household story.

This isn’t, I ought to make clear, strictly a two-hander. There’s a cop, guess what occurs to him, and there are diner staffers and clients. Guess what occurs to them. “We nonetheless have miles to go earlier than we sleep,” Cage’s ostensible Satan says early within the film. And certainly, it does really feel infinite.

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