Robert Downey Jr. Remembers Filming Iron Man In A Windstorm And How It Ended Up Being Very ‘Star Wars-Esque’

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, regardless of many individuals feeling it has lately stumbled, remains to be the most important factor in films, and that’s due, in no small half to the preliminary success of Iron Man. The film took lots of large possibilities, not the least of which included hiring Jon Favreau to direct and casting Robert Downey Jr. within the lead function as Tony Stark. Each males would go on to do large issues for Marvel, however one early scene in Iron Man seemingly foreshadowed Favreau’s work with Star Wars.

In a video for Self-importance Honest, Robert Downey Jr. talks about a number of of the foremost movie roles of his profession, together with, after all, his star-making flip in Iron Man. It seems that the scene early within the movie the place Tony escapes his captivity in his rudimentary Iron Man go well with and crashes into the desert coincided with a reasonably extreme windstorm; one which seemingly reminded Downey of one thing out of Star Wars, the franchise the place Jon Favreau is now focusing most of his efforts. Downey mentioned…

There’s one other second the place Tony has escaped the cave and basically develop into Iron Man. And he lands in this type of crater exterior the cave the place he’s being held. There was a windstorm that day and we had been making an attempt to get this take and it was very Star Wars-Esque in a manner, very harking back to what Jon has wound up doing since with Mandalorian. And it was simply this second the place this storm sort of settled. Everybody checked out everybody like, ‘Let’s get yet one more take.’ And that’s the one which’s within the movie.

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