Fan-Made Poster Artwork For TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE 2

What if the traditional 1986 animated movie Transformers: The Film ended up getting a direct sequel? Nicely, artist Marco D’Alfonso has imagined what that is likely to be like with a chunk fo poster artwork he created.

His model of a sequel can be known as Transformers: The Film 2 – The Darkish Matrix and it comes with the tagline, “One Shall Stand… All Shall Fall!” Now I simply wish to see this sequel get made! Simply ignor every thing that occurred after the primary film was launched and inform this story!

The Darkish Matrix does exist in Transformers lore. It’s “an entity that emerged and have become distinct from the Creation Matrix. Corrupted by a sequence of impure customers, the Matrix developed a malevolent sentience devoted to the proliferation of evil and struggling within the universe. In some situations, the Darkish Matrix may even exist independently to the Matrix itself, permitting it to unfold its affect even additional. The final word blasphemy towards the Cybertronian God Primus, the Darkish Matrix is a risk to all that lives, however particularly the Transformers.”

Yeah, I’d watch the hell out of Transformers motion pictures that centered round The Darkish Matrix!

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