Examined Reveals Off Wonderful STAR WARS Fashions of The Good X-Wing and a 5-Foot Insurgent Blockade Runner — GeekTyrant

Listed below are a few movies from Adam Savage’s Examined that have been shot at Wonderfest 2023. Norman Chan met a few mannequin makers who’ve created a few superb Star Wars fashions. The primary comes from Jason Eaton and it’s an ideal mannequin of an X-Wing. The second comes from John Sabean, and its a large 5-foot-long Insurgent Blockade Runner!


Over the previous twenty years, veteren modelmaker Jason Eaton has been constructing studio scale X-Wing fashions within the quest to create the right reproduction of the filming miniatures used for Star Wars. From community-sourced kits to scratch-built originals, Jason has iterated his X-Wing builds numerous times–each construct utilizing new measurements and reference. At WonderFest 2023, Jason brings his newest Pink 1 X-Wing construct: the head of his modelmaking journey and the one he is lastly proud of!

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