Andrew Garfield Says There’s ‘Infinite Potential’ For Spider-Man

Spider-Man: No Method House marked a fairly large turning level, not only for the Spider-Man sequence, however for superhero films as an entire. Whereas the entire multiverse factor had been coming collectively for some time, it was solely with this film that characters from three utterly totally different eras and sequence got here collectively in a means audiences hadn’t seen earlier than.

With that, The Wonderful Spider-Man sequence star Andrew Garfield spoke with the creator of the official artwork e book for Spider-Man: No Method House (through Collider) to say that he is open to doing extra Spider-Man films. He thinks audiences are prepared for it too. Particularly, he thinks that the occasions of No Method House had a profound influence on his Peter Parker, and that maybe this experiences would allow him to maneuver previous a few of his previous errors.

As Garfield put it….

He is going again realizing that he has brothers. He is going again in re-inspired to comply with his future, his calling – the aim of his life. By catching MJ, he obtained to make up for a horrible tragedy that he tried to keep away from in his world. If he hadn’t been in Peter 1’s world, then it is potential MJ could have met the identical destiny as Gwen. His presence was a function presence in that regard. And I believe he is going again with a thoughts blown concerning the cosmos and the universe and string concept and a number of dimensionality. He is going again extremely reinvigorated.

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To the prospect of extra films, Garfield famous “the story by no means ends, whether or not we movie it or not. There is a story occurring in a universe someplace. There’s infinite potential with this character and all of the totally different iterations. So, yeah, he is undoubtedly on the market doing one thing.”

Garfield has spoken about his openness to return as Spider-Man earlier than, however solely time will inform if he is featured in one other Spider-Man movie since there appears to be nothing lined up. We’re all for it if it occurs.

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