9 Batman Film Chase Scenes, Ranked

So far as this BatFan is worried, there is no such thing as a feature-length, live-action Batman film full with no good chase scene. Any time Batman returns to the massive display screen in a brand new DC film, it instantly fills followers with anticipation for the second when he will get behind the wheel of the Batmobile (or any of his many personalized automobiles) to both pursue or outrun a member of his infamous rogues gallery.

Nevertheless, riddle me this: which chase scene from the perfect live-action Batman motion pictures to this point deserves the honour of being referred to as the Darkish Knight’s brightest second as Gotham’s final street warrior? Let’s determine it out by looking at all of them on this checklist that ranks them from the least spectacular to probably the most thrilling.

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises

(Picture credit score: Warner Bros.)

9. GCPD Chases Batman Chasing Bane’s Goons (The Darkish Knight Rises)

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